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Green Fuel For Cremation: Orissa Finds Solution In Cow Dung Cakes

For all people who care for the environment and care about its role in improving life,there is something more ! Now for all such green enthusiasts it will be possible to carry on their love of nature even beyond life… as an indigenous and Eco friendly method to cremate dead bodies which has been in use for quite a while in Paralekhmundi is slowly gaining attention.The practice which has been in use for last seven decades in numerous parts of  Gajapati district of Orissa,uses neither firewood nor electric heaters but Cow Dung Cakes!

Eco friendly Way To Cremate Dead Bodies in Orissa

Eco friendly Way To Cremate Dead Bodies in Orissa

For the residents of  Paralekhmundi the practice of using cowdung cakes for cremating dead bodies started when they started facing acute shortage of firewoods.The four crematoriums in the town also lacked electric heaters.This forced them to look for other options.And what started as an experiment some seven decades back has now gained the acceptance of all the residents. The crematoriums of the town are now accustomed of using these specially made dry Cow Dung Cakes which are available aplenty in about 20 outlets across the town.Though cremating by cow dung cakes require special skill,almost all the residents in the town know it and favor using the cakes over firewoods!

The use of these dry cow dung cakes apart from helping tackle the problem of garbage and stimulating forest cover  also aids in generating employment for female members of the deprived Gola and Kampa Communities.The cost of 100 cakes in the open market is generally Rs150 and around 1500 cakes are required to burn a dead body completely.

Although the cost, when compared to firewoods or electric heater, might be a bit on the higher side, the advantages of using cow dung cakes as a fuel for cremating dead bodies is now open to the people here.And slowly as the forest cover begins getting thicker here, its time for other parts of Orissa and rest of the country to take note and use this Green Fuel For Cremation.