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Baffling Beliefs of Tribal in Orissa

Tribal have dominated most part of Orissa  since ancient times. They form about 25% of the entire state is dominated by the tribe. The tribes of Orissa are unique  in many respect. They have successfully preserved their traditions, culture and belief in its entirety.

Prevalent among these tribes are some weird beliefs….Presented here are some of them…

The Forbidden pond of the Bondas

It is a pond like any other in the locality with shoals of fish . But be aware! These fishes are not meant to be eaten. If you are skeptical and brush this aside as a cock and bull story, you are sure to land in trouble. Catch a fish from the pond at your own risk and face eternal doom.

Amakunda: The sacred pond of the Bondas

Amakunda: The sacred pond of the Bondas

In fact the folklores of the ‘Bondas’  at the Bonda Ghati region of Khairput block of the Malkangiri district is replete with stories of how many people – some of them tourists have died  after consuming fishes of the pond known as AAMAKUNDA. The water cascades down from the top of the hill through a narrow deep gorge and falls in Aamakunda which has a radiuis of 75 meteres. Black stones form the edges of the pond.

Fishes from different species with myriad colors some weighing incredibly big as 10-12 kgs, are found in the pond. So are great are the numbers that the fishes virtually jostle with each other to find space. They always pop up their heads and jump into the air like dolphins to invite the attention of the visitors who feed them with eatables like popcorns, biscuits and bread crumbs.

Aamakunda  is situated in the khairaput block is about 70 kms of the district headquarters town of Malkangiri. The Bondas believe that the fishes are incarnation of Lord Vishnu in “Matsya Avatar”. Catching them means showing disrespect to Him and invisting sure death. People living in hamlets near Bonda  Ghati maintain that they have heard visitors and tourist dying after consuming fishes caught from the pond.

Even in the 21st century Bondas still remain nude and semi clothed. They believe that they were cursed by Sita as they laughed at her while she was taking bath in their pond.The population of the the Bondas is approximately 5,000. They live in the isolated hill regions at a height of 3,000 feet from the sea level spanning 130 sq ft of the Malkangiri district. Known as a scheduled tribe of India, their languages belong to the Munda sub group.

Mountain of Anthill

With the advent of modernity, a lot of things have changed but superstitions still abound. Take the four Kandha families of Boipariguda for instance. Here lies a small village of the Kandha community. All the fifty families staying there are tribal.  On the first junction of the village, stands a shiva temple and at the backend of the temple is a series of thatched houses.

At every one of these houses there is at least one huge white ant hill. These ant hills are invested with religious significance. The peak of the hills are sharp and oval in shape. But curiously enough  nowhere are white ants visible. Every day, the heads of the households clad in saffron apply yellow mud on the top of the anthills and offer prayers by lighting lamps and incense sticks . The ant hills are surrounded with  photos of Hindu deities that are hung around the walls.

The Kandhas believe that the white ant hills are embodiments of deities like Ram , Krishna, Durga, Brahma and Vishnu. They also consider it as a good omen.