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Stars and Shooting Stars of Odia Film Industry In 2012

Oriya Actors

Debutante Actores of Odia Film Industry 2012

The oriya film industry has traversed a hurdle ridden journey and witnessed many ups and downs in the year 2012. The odia film industry that started its journey in the year 1932 with Sita Bibaha, has no doubt come a long way and  is taking giant strides.

It was in the year 1959 that for the first time, three movies were released in Oriya. The tally went up to twelve by 1980. And by the year 2000, the number of movies produced and released in Oriya language went to 20. This year the numbers have already crossed 20 as 21 movies have been released.

The increasing number of films has ensured that the field is now open for many new talents in the glamour industry of Orissa. A string of newcomers entered the industry last year in all fields, be it acting, directing or singing. But it is the slew of fresh faces that have made a mark in the oriya film industry this year that is astonishing.

The list of such newcomers is really long. A total of 21 films hit the theaters this year and these include “Hey Sakha”, “Something Something”, “Thukul” , “Emiti Bhi Prema Hue” , “Kebe Tume Nahan Kebe Mu Nahin” , “ Raju Awara” , “Luchakali – catch me if you can” , “Sapath” , “ Gud Boy” , “ Tu Mo arambha Tu Mo Sesha” , “ Raja Jhia Sange hei gala Bhaba” , “ Idiot” , “ Matric Fail” , “Rangila Toka”, “Bad Girl”, “Om Sai Ram”, “Mu”, “Love Master”, “ACP Ranveer” and Parsuram”.

And quite a few of these films had introduced new faces. Pinky Priyadarshani for example debuted in “Tu Mo Arambha Tu Mo Sesha” ; Papu Pompom debuted in “Rangila Toka” ; Gaurav Kumar in “Bad Girl” ; Suman in “Mu” ;Abhisek rath in “ACP Sagarika”, Akanksha Chaudhary in “ACP Ranveer” and Prachi Sinha in “Chanda Na Tume Tara”. The upcoming movies of the following year will introduce a few more newcomers like Ezzi in “Matha Re Dei Pata Odhani” , Pamela in “Jaggu Autowala” , Anshuman in Superstar and Nepali actress Saundrharjya in “Rumku Jhumana”.

It has been a common practice in oriya film industry to go for outsiders when it comes to actresses. The same holds true for newcomer actress like Saundhrajya and Parchi Sinha who will be debuting this year in oriya films. The reason for casting outsider actress in Oriya films is simple. They do not have any qualms about shedding their clothes. Also producers prefer actresses that are ready to act in a movie with less remuneration so that the payment of the lead actor is not compromised with. Any established actress from within the industry would make life difficult for produces, director as well as the actor! Many directors however avouch that outside actresses are better performers than the ones who belong to odisha.

While the list of actresses who have debuted or belong to outside states than Odisha is long, not many actpors have debuted in the Odia film industry. The only notable addition to the list of actors is Papu Pompom. The reason for directors and producers not experimenting too much with actors is not hard to point out. While it is still thought that actors carry a film to success on their shoulders, not many in the industry have ensured hall booking in Odia cinema. It’s only a handful like Anubhav Mohanty and Babushan that drive the emotion of people. And thus the directors are happy casting them. Notably Papu Pompom managed to  draw huge crowd in his first movie. But it is still too early for the industry to take a bet on him.

But for critics, neither the movies nor the newcomers are enthusing. They lament the lack of talent in the actor making their mark in  the celluloid screens of odisha film industry. Directors want the newcomers to be more commited and professional in approach; while the actors point to lack of scope in showcasing their talents. Complains and criticisms apart, it is a fact woth nothing that the film industry in Odisha is growing at a rapid speed and the appetite of movies among the people is growing too.


Flowers provide Excellent Employment Opportunities to many In Odisha


Floriculture in Odisha

A surge in the demand of flowers and a huge gap in its supply has opened doors of opportunity for entrepreneurs in odisha who are prospering by taking on to floriculture like never before.

The local markets are able to cater only to 10-12% of total flower requirement in the state and Odisha has to depend heavily on the neighboring West Bengal and AndhraPradesh for meeting its appetite of flowers. West Bengal accounted for 75% of flower supply in odisha markets. In fact the businessmen from West Bengal are making a moolah by doing brisk business in the state. As the time of festivals come, the demand for flowers jump by 20-30% . Apart from this the marriage season accounts for large demand of flowers.

The business on New Year last year was to the tune of Rs 10 crore. With the new year around this time, the traders are expecting business close to Rs 15 crore. Sensing opportunities in this sector, the local entrepreneurs have started entering the market. A private group began gerbera and rose cultivation on four acres at Ugratara, located nearly 50 km from Bhubaneswar, supplies over 5,000 gerberas to the Bhubaneswar florists every day. A gerbera flower is sold at Rs 10 to Rs 12 per piece in the capital city of Bhubaneswar— almost double of what is spent on growing them.

Interestingly the biggest market for flowers in Odisha is in its capital city. Bhubneswar has around 135 florists and nearly 2,000 people are engaged in the business in the city. It is estimated that the flower business in the capital city is around Rs 50 crore annually and is growing by over 30%. The flower traders in the city procure marigold, tube rose and rose from Calcutta. However, the exotic flowers such as lilium, orchids and carnation arrive from Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi. Lotuses come from the Anshupa Lake near Athgarh in Cuttack while basil and other flowers for offering to deities come from villages on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar.

Sensing the opportunities in the area, the state government has also started encouraging farmers in the state to take up floriculture in a big way. The government has identified Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri, Rourkela, Sambalpur and Berhampur areas for encouraging floriculture. Already Rs 1.5 Crore has been spent in developing the flower market of Berhampur. Apart from this, the government is providing cold storage units for preserving the flowers for a longer duration and refrigerated vans for transporting the stock from far-off places. Most importantly, the horticulture department is giving 50 per cent subsidy to start projects in floriculture. And this is what is drawing many businessmen into this industry.

An engineer from Tangi near Cuttack who incidentally was the first in the state to go for large scale floriculture project in a patch of 4 acre land says he is making around Rs 25,000 per month on an  acre  of land. A rose produced in his farm which costs Rs 2 is sold at Rs 10 to Rs 15 in the capital. Similarly gerberas that cost Rs 1.50 to be produced are sold at Rs 10. Encouraged by the returns, he is mulling cultivation of Dutch Roses which can be exported to Dubai, Singapore and other countries.

Indeed, sky is the limit for enthusiasts who have taken a plunge into this sector and for those who have not known about this, the time is right to make a start.


Now a girl gang raped in Bhubaneswar

Gang Rape

Crime Against Women On Rise in Odisha

At a time when the entire nation is shell shocked and yet to recover over the brutality committed over a twenty three year old girl in the national capital  Delhi, the heinous crime has come again , now visiting the backdoor of the state capital Bhubaneswar.

A 19 year old dancer was gang raped in the city by five men in the  posh locality of Nayapalli exposing chinks in the  armory of the city police. The commissionerate police rescued the victim from near a petrol pump near the Kalinga stadium area and the Mahila Police later arrested four persons and produced them in court. Another accused is still at large.

The police claimed that the victim who was acquainted with one of the accused had accompanied him to his house to discuss about a dance program where four men joined him and took turns to rape her. Later  she was dropped near the petrol pump at Kalinga Stadium. She located a few policemen on patrol there  and narrated her woes to them. The police rushed her to the hospital where the doctors confirmed of the misdeed.

If this was enough, there was another report of gang rape  in Keonjhar. The 24 year old woman was gang raped by three youth and looted of her ornaments. Police are trying to catch p with the criminals.

All these incidents of rapes and crimes against women in the capital city and elsewhere in the state are pointer to the fact that , Odisha once known as a peaceful state is slowly getting transformed into crime and criminal activities. There is a great need today to overhaul the security measures apart from rediscovering our own culture.



Exports blue of Odisha

Exports from odisha

Exports from odisha

The sailing is not getting smoother for the Odisha Government on Exports front. The global slowdown coupled with deceleration in the domestic manufacturing markets is taking a heavy toll on the state’s export sector.

Data released by the Directorate of Export Promotion and Marketing reveal that the exports from the state have shrunk at 5.6% at Rs 16,139 crore in 2011-2012 compared to Rs 17,099 crore in the previous fiscal. This is in fact the first time since a decade that exports have dipped for Odisha. Back in 2001-02 exports from the state stood at Rs 2,382.33 crore and it kept on growing each year.

The steepest fall was noticed in case of exports of engineering chemical and allied products which nosedived from Rs 612.62 crore to Rs 151.69 crore. Though export of metallurgical products surged from .26 million tons in 2012-11 to .76 tonne in 2011-12, the earnings from export of metallurgical products fell marginally.

Similarly the export of mineral products declined by 5.89% in 2011-12 at Rs 9,257.42 crore as against Rs 9,836.84 crore in 2010-11. Export of marine products from the state also registered a slight decline  from Rs 541.47 crore to Rs 521.34 crore. All other items of exports from Odisha like agricultural and forest produce, handloom and handicrafts, gems and jewelries have taken a beating.

The only silver lining is the export of software products from odisha which registered an increase of 12.79% from Rs 1,254 crore in 2010-11  to Rs 1,414.78 crore in 2011-12.

The reason ascribed to the downfall is the prevailing gloom in global markets which has directly affected the demands.At a time when the entire nation is affected by the slowdown, it is but natural that exports from Odisha also nosedive. But compounding to Odisha’s misfortune was the decision of the state government to ban the export of oron ores following the mining scam. This apart from leading to a dwindle in exports have hit the ports badly. Similarly the agri exports from the state have taken a dip owing to the economic turmoil in the European nations. The Turmeric and ginger from Kandhamal which are high in demand in the European countries for example have gone down this year.

However things would be back to normal in coming days  as ongoing projects under the Development of Export Infrastructure and Allied Activities (ASIDE) scheme would be completed soon.Ongoing projects under the scheme include Ites/Bpo towers, establishment of World trade center in Bhubnaeswar, Auto Park at Mania village in cuttack and Haridaspur-paradeep broad gauge rail link . Other upcoming projects include the aluminum park at Angul and an incubation center at Info Valley at Goudakashipur.

Experts believe that once completed, these projects with active promotional activities by the government will be able to push the exports for the state and Odisha would be able to stage a remarkable comeback.


Bhubaneswar – Top 10 Emerging Business Destinations of India


Bhubaneswar - Rising Business Destination of India

The growing might of odisha in the Economic horizons of the country is slowly getting recognized. After having topped the charts among various cities of the countries on different parameters, it is time for yet another achievement.

A recent report by Cushman & Wakefield, the world’s largest real estate services firm along with GIREM, which deals with infrastructure area in future cities have jointly identified Bhubaneswar to be among the “Top 10 Emerging cities in India”.

The findings of the  study which began on the year 2010 and took  48 cities of the country into its sampling has been published recently and rates Ahmadabad as the most promising  business destinations of India.  Cities following Ahmadabad in order of ranking are Vishakapatnam, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Jaipur, Kochi, Indore, Nagpur and Vadodara .

The report uses various metrics for its findings that include factors such as demographics, physical, social and real estate infrastructure, current level and scope of economic activities and government support and initiatives in determining the growth potential of the cities.

Ahmedabad attracted nearly 39 per cent of the total investments announced for these cities since 2010, followed by Visakhapatnam at 32 per cent and Vadodara at 13.5 per cent. Bhubaneswar comes next by attracting an investment of 11.2%. Apart from notching up a place in the top owing to investment it received, Bhubaneswar has got mentioned in the  report for all together different reasons which goes on to accentuate the rising prowess of the city. The report highlights the availability of quality talent pool across disciplines and specializations in Bhubaneswar, availability of lowest electricity costs in the country and significant presence of IT/TeS sector as prime reason for it being propelled to being one of the cities of the future of the country. Apart from the aforementioned things, activities such as agriculture, mining and metal production are allied sectors that provide a balanced growth to the capital city of Odisha.

The report also highlights the potential of the two cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack developing into a 720 sq. km integrated Urban conglomeration including Khurda, Jatani and Choudwar within the city precincts.

Mr.Sanjay Dutt, Executive Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield India quoted that the emerging locations represent the possible growth trajectory that India’s economy will follow in the next few years. And if his words are taken into account, the future looks especially bright for Bhubaneswar!

mentioned below are the parameters of doing business in a city and how Bhubaneswar ranks overall among other cities of the Country

Ease of Doing Business Rank of Bhubaneswar Among Other Cities of India
Starting a Business      3
 Dealing with Construction Permits      5
Registering Properties      8
Paying taxes     17
Trading Across Borders      1
Enforcing Contracts      5
Closing Business      5


Now It’s Satkosia That’s Going High On Tourist’s preference with Eco Tourism

Satkosia Gorge

Enchanting Evenings on the banks of Mahanadi in the Satkosia gorge

Satkosia– The stunning gorge sanctuary lapped besides the Mahanadi river in Angul District has been a destination that has managed to retain its virgin charm and still presents awesome sightings to the occasional visitors.  The lesser known tiger Reserve of Odisha spreads across two sanctuaries – the Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary and The Baisipalli Sanctuary and offers rich biodiversity to the wanderers/ Though animals like deer, sambars ,elephants , crocodiles and leopards are common sighting, one need a particularly long stay apart from unwavering patience to get a glimpse of the tigers which are present in handful amount hers.

The place hardly enthused or got a mention in any tourist’s itinerary to odisha. However of late vigorous promotion by the Odisha  tourism department has led Satkosia to catch the attention of the touring population to the state. In an effort to build up tourism industry in Satkosia, the government constructed a Eco-tourism center near Chhutkei village under the Purunakote forest range of Angul District. The center that has five bamboo cottages that are equipped with all facilities for a comfortable stay. The center was constructed at a cost of Rs 50 lakh and was inaugurated on 7th December 2011.

1073 tourists have visited the camp since it was inaugurated in 2011. Among them 7 were foreigners , 200 from the West Bengal and other states of the country while the rest belonged to Odisha. Total revenue generated from the visits amounted to roughly around Rs 11 lakh. Apart from being used in the services of the visitors and maintenance of staffs and facilities, a part of the revenue generated goes to the Satkosia Tiger Foundation.

But what is more important is the fact that ever since the tourist facilities came up, the villagers are getting employment here itself and as a result of this the migration of people to other parts of state for employment activities has stopped substantially. Local people work mostly as guides for the visitors. while others have taken to the work of taking them on boat ride on the river Mahanadi.

Indeed the eco tourism center at Satkosia has changed the face of the region.  There are many other clusters of the state that are known for exquisite natural beauty. However they remain unknown to the outside world. The lessons learnt here if employed successfully in other parts of the state will definitely boost up the image of odisha in the tourists map of the country


India’s First Public Health University To Be Set Up In Odisha soon

Asian Institute of Public Health

Asian Institute of Public Health

Odisha is all set to have the first Public health university of the country in a few years from now. The first of its kind in the country, the university is scheduled to come up in Gramadiha village in Jatani, 20kms from Bhubaneswar. The state government has already given approval to Asian Institute of Public Health and the  first leg of work to start on the university has already started!

The government of Odisha has already allotted 17 acres of land for the upcoming university. In a general change of stance , the government under tremendous pressure after the spurt in Dengue cases in the state has thought it prudent to change its stance and go for  Public health universities.

Public health is the art and science of preventing disease through organized efforts and societal interventions. The majority of its effort is targeted at preventing the outbreak of diseases instead of just curing them. A public health university had been on the anvil of the central government for a long time and the clearance of the Asian Institute of Public Health to start operation in Jatni by the state government makes it first of its kind in the entire nation.

The government will soon sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the AIPH for the proposed varsity and after that the state Assembly has to pass the new university Bill for the privately-managed state university. Currently Odisha does not have any health or medical university though it has been widely talked to convert the VSS Medical College into a unitary university.

AIPH functionaries on the other hand are elated at the development and  have affirmed to begin operating in the state soon. “Though various colleges and institutes have been offering courses in public health, the number of professionals produced is minuscule. India needs around 10,000 more public health professionals at present. But the country is producing around 500 per year,” said Dr Sudhir Satapathy, head of academic affairs of AIPH. “The new university will reduce this gap,” he added.The university, once open  would offer master and postdoctoral degree, diplomas and certificates courses in public health and public health management to both medical and non-medical professionals.


IT & ITES Companies in Odisha

Information Technology (IT) is one of the dominant  drivers of the world economy today. The advent and expansion of  information technology has necessitated many dynamic changes in business and society which are being fuelled by the ITES industry.  Expectedly  the evolving ITES industry has left its mark even on Odisha economy and today we find the horizons of the state being interspersed with many software firms that specialize in providing software solutions to its client based both within the state or outside. Though the beginning had been slow for Odisha, what we have achieved in the past decade on the IT and ITES sector is nothing but a sort of miracle. Odisha has slowly become one of the leading destinations of software exports from India with 39.04% of total software exports. The state takes pride in being only one of the four states in the country to be the hub for all four big software giants viz Infosys, Mahindra Stayam, Wipro and TCS.


Major chunk of the software firms in the state are based in the state capital of Bhubnaeswar. And the capital city is fast building up  to its reputation as being the centre of activity for all software development and testing jobs.  There are as many as 82 software companies that are already in  operation in Bhubaneswar. Keeping  in mind the evolving software markets, IT parks are also being set up in the city. Info City-I, Info city-II, DLF IT park , Mind Space Reheja park  are notable among them.

The Top Ten Software Companies operating in Bhubaneswar are listed below.

1.Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

2.Mahindra Satyam Computer Services Limited

3.Infosys Technologies Ltd

4. Nethawk Networks India Pvt. Ltd.

5. Discoverture Solutions

6. Enterprise System Solutions Pvt. Ltd

7. Mind Fire Solutions

8. Tcube Solution

9. Microsys Technoware Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

10. Convergence Technologies


Aprt from the afire mentioned software companies in the city, there are many other companies which specialize in providing software solutions to domestic companies. Most of these companies are first generation and have been in opertation for a decade or so. The list of the companies is provided below:


List of Software Companies in Bhubaneswar

1.Alphaconfig Solutions

2. Tatwa Technologies

3. Kalingasoft

4. Amitech Solutions

5. Il&Fs Technologies Limited

6. Data Cube Solution

7. Ficussoft India Ltd.

8. Exilant

9. Aditya Hosting

10. Slb Softech (India) Limited

11. Claretalab

12. Interfinet

13. Best Softech

14. Ajatus Software

15. Jbs Infotech

16. Neoelektra Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

17. Raddyx Technologies

18. Assenger Technologies

19. Corporate Infotech

20. Webtenet Solutions, Bhubaneswar

21. I-Dream Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

22. Kd Infotech Solutions

23. Saipro Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

24. Brindda Infocom Private Ltd.

25. Phalanx Infotech Pvt Ltd

26. M M Softwares

27. F1 Solutions

28. Connectix Software & Services Pvt. Ltd.

29. Grey Mat Techno Solutions Limited

30. Karma Strategies

31. Aabsys It Pvt Ltd

32. CSM Technologies

33. Netaquilla

34. Universal Technologies

35. KGS Technologies

36. Allay Software

37. Zorit Infotech

38. Inflexi Solutions

39. Pinnacle Systems

40. Thinkways Software


The Post Box That Made History

Post Box

Oldest Post Box in Odisha

This is an era that’s ruled by the electronic media. Distances have turned obsolete   and messages and verbal communications  reach their destination with a blink of eye. However not too long in the past, it was the ubiquitous Red Boxes which were the trusted means of sending communication for most!

And what an emotional chord it touched in people when one eagerly waited for  a response from his dear one’s anticipating the post peon with each passing day! No doubt , today communication has become faster and better but it has somehow failed to create that emotional bonding and feeling of belonging. Post offices of yore are might have been cornered into desolation today but they still somehow justify their role by serving people in many innovative ways. And even these days, many post offices have survived with dignity serving as our link to the past!

One such post office  with a history of over 100 years is located at Kaipada in Jajpur district of odisha. The post office etched its place into the annals of history when Gandhiji chose to rest here  during his padyatra to Odisha in May 31, 1934. The most important aspect of the post office that deserves attention is it’s Post Box! The wall mounted letter box that still hangs silently on the dilapidated walls of the post office  has been in use since 1901, thus making it the oldest letter box  in Odisha to be still in use. The box has the British Royal badge attached to it which testifies that it started off  under the  Victorian era  and survived to see the Edwardian and Georgian era too !

Kaipada Post office

Kaipada Post office that hosts teh oldest post box in odisha

The wall mounted post boxes with badges were in fact a way to pass on the news of regime change to the common people at the British rule.  These kind of boxes appeared in 1857 in England and were shipped to their colonies with royal badges on. Once there was a change of rule in Britain, the badges would be replaced with new one to accentuate the coronation of a new king to the people. The box mounted in the Kaipada post office belongs to such an era.

During the freedom struggle in August 22, 1942, freedom fighters set the post office on fire. Luckily the box was spared. And having seen history from close quarter and  rather being a part of the history, itself, the post office and the box , still serve the people of the locality by transporting their posts to their dear ones and also serving as a common meeting place for the villagers!

Traditional Games of Western Odisha – Slowly Waning into oblivion

Kho Kho

Kho Kho - One of The Popular games of western odisha

Western Odisha  is a region  that had a rich sporting history. And it is evident from the fact that hockey players of national repute like Dilip Tirkey, Ignes Tirkey and Lajrus Barla hail from this region. But long before hockey and cricket made their mark on the horizons of these regions, it was the traditional games that ruled roost. In fact games and sports were a part of life of these people who spared much time to these activities to stay fit!

Gudu, kabadi,Kelibadi,Rasi Tana( Rope Pulling), Nadia Phinga( Coconut Throwing), Kho Kho and Puchi were played with much gusto here! Games like Kho Kho , Kabadi and Gudu were a craze among rural  competitions were held in the villages at regular intervals. These sports were so embedded in the religious life of the people that no festivals used to be complete without sporting events. Sports like Rasi Tana and Nadia Phinga defined festivals like Nuakhai and Pusha Punei.  Similarly Puchi was popularly held during Kumar Purnima among the maidens of the village.Youths used to participate  in these events with a lot of enthusiasm and in fact used to wait throughout the year for the competitions.

However  high profile games like Cricket and hockey have today taken the kusture off these popular sports.Games like Bagudi and Kansadi which were very popular  earlier have been completely forgotten.Though schools still patronizes traditional games, students; once they pass out  seem to forget about them. And those who once excelled in these sport complain about the lack of future  and guidance in these games!

 How can we then save our heritage from being lost into oblivion? Well the role of government becomes imminent here. And though the government has done its bit by introducing a scheme called PAIKA to promote traditional rural games, little has been done in the ground level to identify the talents and nurture them! What’s still worse is that those playgrounds which were meant to be maintained for the purpose of promoting these sports, have been deprived and under maintained due to lack of supervision.

Schools in the regions complain that children with sporting abilities are never identified  and encouraged . Worse still , there is not a proper platform for them to showcase their talents. This has gradually led to the decline of these sports . Festivals once were the teeming ground where these sportsperson showcased their skills. Today  no such events are held in the villages. Those with the right abilities loose  interest because of this.

It is the right time that awareness is created about the traditional and rural games and made them attractive to the youth. Whats more important is the fact that the government should actively promote them else it will not be long before we would be knowing about these sports from the references  in textbooks.