Deity Left Unattended As Baba Bhusandeswar Temple That Houses Asia’s Largest Shiva Lingam Crumbles

Baba Bhusandeswar

Baba Bhusandeswar : The Largest Shiva Lingam of ASia

No travel or tourism website features it. No popular history book mentions. Little wonder than that hardly any media reported the crumbling of the sanctum Santorum that houses it!

Well, Baba Bhusandeswar, which is largest Shiva Lingam in Asia and is being worshiped in a remote village in Bhogarai block of Balasore district for years  amidst thickets of dense jungle is a popular deity in Balasore and bordering areas of Jharakhand and West Bengal. Ensconced on the banks of Subaranarekha river in Kumbhirgadi Village, the 12 ft long Shiva Lingam has been associated with miraculous healing powers as well as mythological anecdotes that date back to the Ramayana.

Carved out of black granite, only half of the 12-foot lingam is visible. The rest of it has remained buried for years.  It has a diameter of  12 feet  and has three parts. It has a square base of four feet. The middle portion is octagonal and is about 12 feet in diameter and about four feet in height.

Another uniqueness of the Lingam is that it is slightly tilted towards it’s right. Attempts to correct this deviation in the structure by the devotees have not paid any results. Latest record suggests that a businessman from Jaleswar, Mr. Sukhal Jayram had tried to use a crane to pull the Lingam out of the earth in order to install it properly. He too failed in his endeavors. Ever since the tilted Lingam does not bother its devotee anymore. People flock to this temple during Shivaratri, Bisuva Sankranti and Chadak Jatra and it is heavily crowded in these auspicious days

Despite all its specialty and uniqueness, Baba Bhusaneswar has been neglected by the administrators till long. It was not until 1984 that a temple structure was built around the Lingam. Till then it was a thatched house that sheltered the Lord!  And in a mockery of sorts, a portion of the temple roof collapsed just a couple of days back. Though no damage has been done to the Lingam, devotees are now afraid of approaching the Lingam and offer prayers. Even the priest s, afraid of entering the temple have started offering Puja in a nearby Rest shed.

And though officials of the government have already paid visits to the temple and taken stock of the situation, the crumbling temple has become topic of hot debate among political parties. It’s a real shame that a monument of such importance has been neglected so far and so long and instead of taking corrective measures, all that we are up to is bickering and mudslinging! Somebody rightly said – it can happen only in Odisha!

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