Police Apathy Adds To The Agony Of Victim In Most Rape Cases In Odisha


Its a suffering in silence for rape victims in Odisha

In the midst of the raging controversy over the death of the Delhi rape case victim, the role of police has come under scanner. A more alert and sensitive police would have averted the tragic incident that happened in December 16th and shook the entire nation. The Delhi police has been obviously on the receiving end of the media for its ineptness.

The situation is not so cosy even in Odisha as the police administration here too has been slack enough in executing its duties properly. Forget about execution of duties, what is exasperating about the general police administration in Odisha is the fact that they have been busy burying most of the cases into obscurity under pressure from influential persons or for laxity in resolving the cases. It is appalling that the conviction rate in the rape cases in Odisha is almost negligent.

Take the case of Puri district for example. The district has hogged the limelight for all wrong reasons for the past few years. Be it the much hyped Puri-Konark Marine drive gang rape incident of 2008 or the much recent Pipili gang rape incident. While not much has happened in the first incident, the Pipili rape case is yet to be resolved even after the death of the victim Babina Behera and her family still lives under the shadow of terror.

Similarly the rape and murder of a student in Chandanpur was camouflaged as unnatural death by the police and mystery still shrouds the death of the girl. Similarly the sensational case of  Biti Mohanty who attempted to rape a foreign national at Konark Pantaniwas is still unresolved. The accused in this case, the son of a senior bureaucrat has been on run since the last 5 years.

It is tragic that after being victimized of something as terrible as rape, a girl goes through more pain in getting the cases resolved and gets the criminal convicted.  It is a pity that most women today hesitate to go to the police station because of the indifferent attitude of the police. Add to this, the delay in judicial trials owing to late filing of charge sheets by the police and the victim has no option but to suffer in silence.

If we need a society where women are respected and work hands in hands with their male companions, we need to provide them with a safe environment and until and our police should be prompt enough to ensure this sense of security to them .

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