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Rising Incidence of rapes in Odisha – It’s Time For Action Now

Stop Rape

A helper of moving bus climbs to the sleeper section and frightens and then gags the woman on the compartment to rape her ! A minor blind girl was raped brutally on the outskirts of her house and then killed. While another woman gang raped in front of her husband who was tied and beaten inside the hospital premise!

Seem like plots airlifted from some daily soaps! No, these are incidents of violence on women those have hit Odisha in the past couple of months. And as investigations continue and arrests made allegations and counter allegations continue to fly high on the media rendering one to think whether the statistics being thrown on your face about the rising rape cases in the state, are merely numbers or it is just the play of media that seeks to enthuse the audience with potpourri of  facts spiced up with right doses of emotions or is there something that is slipping out of our hands and  disturbing the cultural fabric of our society.( As if rape is a term and action completely alien to the god fearing people of Odisha)

While on the wake of the infamous Delhi rape case, culture was taken as pretext and observations made by the RSS chief duly endorsed later on by the Puri Sankracharya that “rapes happen in India and not in Bharat”  shook the entire nation and drew acidic remarks from many quarters  in the society, it is also a just pretext to do a proper evaluation of the rising number of rapes with context to the geographical /cultural background!

In a report released by Dr. Mrinal Satish  of the Delhi’s National Law University, it has been demonstrated that  rape is a crime that does not identify contours or cultures. It is predominantly an instinct that is devoid of any such reasoning.  Based on his conclusion from data collected  from  high courts and supreme court on the  number of rape cases, covering a period of 25 years from 1983 to 2009, one can safely assume that to say “rapes do not happen in Bharat” is completely nonsensical.

The distinction between “Bharat” and “India” being that of culture ( as accentuated by the revered Sankracharya) and nothing better epitomizes the culture of the country than that of the rural population. So it comes to a cropper as one scuttles through the pages of the report. It cites that over 80% of rape cases in the High Courts and close to 75% of rape cases in the Supreme Court came from rural areas. Close to 75% of gang rape cases in HCs and 63% of gang rape cases in the SC came from rural areas. Over 65% of cases involving the rape of a child (less than 12 years old) came from rural areas. On average, 75% of all rape cases in higher courts that had led to at least one conviction came from rural areas”.

Well, the study is clearly an eye opener to the fact that nothing called culture or dominion comes to fore while a girl is being raped. It is simply a clear case of physical violation by a person of sick mentality. It exists because of a patriarchal, misogynistic mentality that condones it, whether tacitly or explicitly, and because of widespread lawlessness that encourages it.

In order to completely stop the rising incidence of  violation on woman,  a two pronged strategy needs to be adopted. First a gradual social change through education and a rapid reform in law.

Students need to be educated  starting at the school level, about respect for women, for personal spaces and for the rule of law. Showing children early on that people of other gender are equal, needs to become the  central point  to our education system. Girl child should be taught that they are equal, and they are more likely to be treated that way. Self defence classes should be introduced in the school level itself . Similarly the boy child should be conditioned to respect his female counterparts. They should be taught  that girls are equal. Boys should also be given empathy training to show them what it’s like to be a girl. Courses on anger management may be introduced.

We need to introspect, all of us, on how we contribute to the objectification of women, from the popular culture we consume to the way we bring up our children — from where it’s a slippery slope to a twisted and unjust understanding of sexual assault in legal terms.

In terms of the law, we urgently need a more comprehensive and inclusive definition of sexual violence, critical amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure that will reduce the time taken for trials, fast track courts for sexual assault cases, harsher punishments and a serious programme of police reform and sensitization.  More importantly, we need a police that is more sympathetic to the female victims of violence. All of these are doable, and all are equally crucial — not just for better implementation but also to signal the seriousness with which such crimes will be viewed.


Tribal Woman Gang Raped Inside A Government Hospital In Baripada


Rising Cases of rape in Odisha

In yet another case of barbaric sexual assault on women, that once gain exposes the  ineffectiveness of state police and substantiates the rise of female violence in the state, a tribal woman was gang raped inside the District Headquarters Hospital at Baripada after her husband was tied up and beaten mercilessly by the offenders. The criminals included two hospital employees. All the offenders have been arrested and brought to book.

The 25 year old woman and her husband, hailing from Dantiamuhan village under the Betonati police limit had gone to visit her brother who is undergoing treatment there following an accident. The couple had stayed back in the hospital to attend to the patient as there was nobody to take care of him. At around 7 pm in the evening, as the victim was taking a stroll outside the hospital compound; she was pounced at by these six men and taken to a secluded place behind the road heading towards the TB ward of the hospital. The husband who was with her was thrashed and completely overpowered. He was later tied to a tree as the men took turns to rape her one by one. They fled the scene of the crime leaving both of them behind in the night.

Later based on a complaint filed by the husband of the victim, police formed six teams and conducted raids at several locations the whole night. All the six accused were arrested by the early morning.  Two of the arrested were engaged with the hospital as sweepers, while another owned a betel shop in front of the hospital. The fourth is a driver of a hearse van. The ones employed as sweeper with the hospital were the first to notice the couple and invite other four to over the phone to commit the heinous crime.

Though all the accused have been arrested and forwarded to the court, the incident has sent shock waves across the peaceful township of Baripada. The intensity of the crime where a woman is raped in front of her husband and the place of execution, a busy government hospital , is something that is disturbing. And though the case has been picked up by various social organizations and political parties alike, it has once again raised serious question marks over the police ability in controlling crime in the state.

2012: A year of Rising Crime Against Women in Odisha

Rape cases in odisha

Rape Cases in Odisha on Rise

On the backdrop of the Delhi gang rape case and the charged sentiments in the country, crime  being committed against women in our country has managed to draw everyone’s attention. It’s not only the media and government but common people alike who have become aware of the rising crime graphs against women in our country! And it is really shocking when one considers the statistics. There is something wrong; something really worrying when one sees that the crime graph instead of falling has continued to rise and rise with each passing year.

The same holds true even for odisha. The number of reported rape cases in Odisharose from 1025 in 2010 to 1112 in 2011. Though concrete data on rapes in Odisha are available only till the year 2011, it is evident that the number of rape cases filed in different police stations across the state rose in 2012 in comparison to the year 2011.

Sambalpur earned notoriety as the rape capital of odisha with 110 reported cases of rape . The most shocking incident of rape and murder was also reported from Sambalpur district when a 8 year old girl was raped in an isolated place and then murdered. The kid had been enticed by the accused to a stall and then raped brutally. This incident shook the entire state and the accused was ordered to be hanged by the court. What deserves mention here is the fact that the hearing of the case was completed by the court in a record 29 days.

Of the data belonging to the year 2010 and 2011, as many as six districts of odisha viz Mayurbhanj,Balasore,Keonjhar,kalahandi,Angul and Bolangir reported more than 100 rape cases. The statistics for three years relating to crime against women in odisha is shown below:

Rape Cases in 2010 & 2011

Districts/Places 2010 2011 Total
Mayurbhanj 76 76 152
Balasore 48 75 123
Keonjhar 45 75 120
Kalahandi 60 46 106
Angul 39 63 102
Bolangir 48 52 100
Ganjam 48 50 98
Nabrangpur 48 44 92
Kendrapara 38 41 79
Bhubaneswar 43 35 78
Khurda 41 29 70
Jajpur 30 31 61
Cuttack 26 34 60
Rayagada 28 32 60
Bhadrak 33 26 59
Kandhamal 27 32 59
Sambalpur 27 30 57
Bargarh 36 21 57
Jagatsinghpur 24 31 55
Rourkela 26 26 52
Sundargarh 24 25 49
Nayagarh 20 25 45
Puri 22 21 43
Jharsuguda 10 27 37
Dhenkanal 19 17 36
Cuttack 17 19 36
Sonepur 17 10 27
Deogarh 11 15 26
Berhampur 11 13 24
Malkangiri 14 8 22
Boudh 7 14 21
Gajapati 6 11 17
Nuapada 13 4 17
GRP Rourkela 2 1 3

Apart from the aforementioned cases of rapes and sexual; assault, there have been sharp rise in molestation cases in Odisha. As many as 2,905 molestation cases were registered in various police stations in the state in the year 2010 which rose to 3,207 in 2011.

The Odisha police attribute the rising cases of crime being committed against the women to changing socio-economic dynamics of the state. The state has witnessed rapid industrialization over the past couple of years which has bought in criminals from neighboring states to odisha. And with them the cases of crime too has shot off.

While this is true to an extent, sociologists argue that what has really changed over the years is the mindset of people. People in general today are more extrovert and money oriented than they were couple of year earlier . And as this change happens gradually, we are losing touch with our core values and culture. So what is required to be done in today’s pretext is to bring about a positive change in people’s mindset. Only then will the crime against women stop completely!

Now a girl gang raped in Bhubaneswar

Gang Rape

Crime Against Women On Rise in Odisha

At a time when the entire nation is shell shocked and yet to recover over the brutality committed over a twenty three year old girl in the national capital  Delhi, the heinous crime has come again , now visiting the backdoor of the state capital Bhubaneswar.

A 19 year old dancer was gang raped in the city by five men in the  posh locality of Nayapalli exposing chinks in the  armory of the city police. The commissionerate police rescued the victim from near a petrol pump near the Kalinga stadium area and the Mahila Police later arrested four persons and produced them in court. Another accused is still at large.

The police claimed that the victim who was acquainted with one of the accused had accompanied him to his house to discuss about a dance program where four men joined him and took turns to rape her. Later  she was dropped near the petrol pump at Kalinga Stadium. She located a few policemen on patrol there  and narrated her woes to them. The police rushed her to the hospital where the doctors confirmed of the misdeed.

If this was enough, there was another report of gang rape  in Keonjhar. The 24 year old woman was gang raped by three youth and looted of her ornaments. Police are trying to catch p with the criminals.

All these incidents of rapes and crimes against women in the capital city and elsewhere in the state are pointer to the fact that , Odisha once known as a peaceful state is slowly getting transformed into crime and criminal activities. There is a great need today to overhaul the security measures apart from rediscovering our own culture.